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Finding a good job in India has become backbreaking and arduous with the rise in the number of fraudulent activities. On the first hand, it is tough to find one job near our house which serves all our requirements. Many people leave their houses and go hundreds of miles away to get a settled life. But still, there is no guarantee that the job chosen with so much struggle and difficulty would be the perfect one. It is because not all recruiters are trustworthy. It has become a world full of scams. Fake job opportunities are flooding on the internet. There are high chances that job seekers are deceived by fake consulting companies. It has become hard for the job finders to get into the right place and be secured. The number of companies getting into such fraud things is increasing rapidly. This is why the employee grievances cases are swiftly increasing.

The most common ways in which employees are harassed are bullying, not releasing salary on time, fake job offers, bad working conditions. We have also heard about the kidney rackets and most of them are run in the face of fake job consulting companies.

Have you also been a victim of such fake job offers? Or have you been bullied by your employer?

We at Consumer Complaint India have a team of experienced professional consultants who draft and send a professional legal notice via registered post. Fraud consultancy/job complaints are one of the most talked-about topics on CONSUMER COMPLAINT INDIA as we generally receive about 100 + monthly complaints related to it.

Lodge A Complaint With Us
Consumer Complaint India is a platform where you can come to us with any complaint related to jobs and get the best solution. We have experienced and well-versed professional consultants who will solve the problem for you. They critically analyze the situation and take the necessary actions to provide you with justice. In case the disputed party disagrees to resolve the case and doesn’t attend the case, then we take it to the next level and file the complaint if you agree. We are there to handle all the complaint related tasks for you from paperwork to file your complaint in the court.

Raise Your Job Concerns With CCI
Our consumer grievance redressal mechanism is very robust due to our authorized and well-experienced legal consultants. Our workforce gives satisfactory results and makes the best efforts to bring the best for you.

How Much Do We Charge?
Rs 199/ onwards
No need to shock, we are there to help you and take you out of such situations.

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