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Postal Complaints

No on-time delivery of the courier.
Loss of objects amid the route.
Abstraction of content.
Delivery of articles to the disputed addressee.
Loss of article.
Removal of postage stamps.

Do you relate to any of the above very often? Are you tired of hopping to the post office with these complaints? You will find the solution to all your problems at Consumer Complaint India.

If you find yourself stuck in such kind of issues, we can help you. Any complaint on the services related to the concerned or inappropriate behavior of the postal department employees, lodge them here.  With the help of the professional consultants at our platform, we are able to help you get out of this situation. We address all kinds of postal related grievances. We are a team of highly qualified personnel who undertake the entire process of lodging a complaint against a postal company.

Matters related to pension have boosted a lot from the last many years. People are very disappointed with the services they have been getting from the postal department. Money is a big problem in India. People who have their hard-earned money deposited in Post Offices, especially the middle class, reach there to withdraw the money. But they don’t get it on-time. It becomes a pain point for them.

Consumer Complaint India- One Stop Solution For All Your Complaints

If you can easily relate to these things and want to be heard, then Consumer Complaint India is the right platform for you. All you need to do is, register with us. You would get a unique complaint number which you can use further as your identity with us. Next, our professional consultants will talk to you regarding the case and analyze it from all the angels. Then if they see eye to eye to you, congrats, your case is in able hands. You can drop off all the worries.

Our team follows a certain procedure to take up the justice process. It finds a satisfactory solution. You can directly talk to our experts and get the most appropriate advice as per the situation. If needed, we would take your case to the consumer court (terms and conditions apply)and solve the dispute in the best possible way. We can also arrange lawyers for you and take the issue to the consumer court (charges applicable). You can discuss more it by arranging a call with our expert consultants and legal professionals.

We offer prompt and round the clock services to all our clients and give our best to resolve the issue.

All Over India Services
We provide our prominent services to people facing any kind of contract violations without any geographical constraints. You can avail of our services by sitting at any corner of India.

Adept Professionals Work With Us

The team of adept and experienced lawyers has a very high winning rate. You don’t need to worry about the quality of services offered at our platform.

Want To Lodge An Online Legal Complaint?

It is very easy. File a complaint against adulterated food by just sending an email at or make a call at 8448220668

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