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Banking Complaints

The 21st century has made everything automatic and digital. Even sensitive areas like banking are on the internet today. One can do most of his tasks sitting at home. But certain people have to show up in the banks regularly. No, they don’t love the bank environment, rather due to the repetitive and unsolved complaints. They have such types of complaints that even the customer care center of the bank is not able to solve on the phone. So, they had to find a big chunk of their day time and visit their bank time and again.

Top Bank Complaints

Hidden/ excessive fee is one of the most common complaints bank users have. Increased credit card bill without your consent, overdraft protection fee are the consequences. Moreover, bad customer service is always on the list. (We think it would maintain the top place in the list for long). In many cases, bank employees don’t have a proper and genuine response to your certain problem and try to push it to the future. Talking to customer care executives is not a good idea even, many of them are not willing to negotiate or are unknowledgeable. That’s frustrating.

Loan issues are another notable area from where the most complaints come. Most of the loan receivers are not satisfied with the way their banks handle their mortgage.

Did you ask the bank to give you a clear picture of what is happening? Disappointed? Consumer Complaint India will shed light on you.

The Solution Provider

Consumer Complaint India is a problem-solving platform where you can come to us with any banking complaint and get the best solution. We have experienced and well-versed professional consultants who will do the work for you. They critically analyze the situation and take the necessary actions to provide you with justice. In case the disputed party disagrees to resolve the case and doesn’t attend the case, then we take it to the next level and file the complaint if you agree. We are there to handle all the complaint related tasks for you from paperwork to file your complaint in the court. Following all the guidelines and considering all the perspectives, we would deal with everything at our end.

Easy Tracking With Us

Once you have trusted us for your problems and given us the responsibility to solve the case, we launch the work and get involved in it. You can track the status of your complaint easily through our website. All you need to do is log in to the portal with the complaint number assigned to you after you register.

Affordable Services For You

Services at our platform are available at very easy-on-pocket rates. You don’t need to spend a fortune to solve the big concerns of your life. We understand you and have fixed the starting charges at Rs199. ONLY.

Round The Clock Services

Apart from the other services, our punctuality, and all-time availability make us stand poles apart from the rest.

Want To Lodge An Online Legal Complaint?

It is very easy. File a complaint against adulterated food by just sending an email at or make a call at 8448220668

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