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For some people life is food. Their love for food is extraordinary. Trying new and different cuisines every weekend is their hobby. Are you one of them? You spent a lot to get a good quality of food and expect to be served with the best. That’s your right. No questions on that. But the last time you visited your favorite restaurant, you were served counterfeit and adulterated food. You tried to raise the issue, talked to the owner but in vain.

Who to reach that moment?

Should you just accept it and forget about it after a few days. NO.

Raise your grievances at Consumer Complaint India. We address all types of online legal complaints.


1. Low-Quality Food:
Contaminated food, sub-standard quality of food products, and malpractices followed by the hotel or the restaurant. Reach us for any type of problem faced. If you have a problem with a food product and need your rights to be protected because you have paid for it, then we are here. In case you fall ill after eating certain food products of a hotel or restaurant, then you can file a case against them if you are not heard.

2. Online Food Delivery Apps:
In recent times, more than traditional food outlets, complaints have been filed against online food delivery applications. Most complaints are basically on the quality of the food delivered. We here all your worries and do our best to provide you food safety.

3. Unauthorized Food Ingredients:
Use of unauthorized food ingredients or using adulterated ingredients to make food is a punishable offense and you can raise your voice against that.

4. Not Net Food Served:
If you have experienced that less weight of food products has been served to you but have been charged more, then just make a call and get help from our experts.

5. Unhygienic Food:
The first thing that strikes the mind after reading the word unhygienic food is food having hair in it. That sight sucks, we know that. And are here to help you in that situation if you are just left stranded unheard.

6. Poisoned Food:
God forbid you have been served poisoned or rotten food, and then you caught food poisoning. The pain, the hustle, the wastage of time and money have hurt you a lot. What to do after that is to reach us and hire our lawyers to get justice for yourself.

Raise Your Food Concerns With CCI
Our consumer grievance redressal mechanism is very robust due to our authorized and well-experienced legal consultants. Our workforce gives satisfactory results and makes the best efforts to bring the best for you.

How Much Do We Charge?

Rs 199/ onwards
No need to shock, we are there to help you and take you out of such situations.

Want To Lodge An Online Legal Complaint?

It is very easy. File a complaint against adulterated food by just sending an email at or make a call at 8448220668

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