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“Your digital tv is unable to receive signals, this could be due to bad weather or bad cable connections. Please check your connections or talk to customer care executives.”

Do you often hear such kind of noise amid your favorite TV show? Does your screen show a loading message very frequently?

If it happens sometimes then it is fine. But what if happens daily or hourly? It would be annoying and you would want to ask your D2H customer service provider to fix it. They hear you one or two times, but the third time they stopped giving you a satisfactory response. You again tried, but with no result. If you are planning to lodge a D2H complaint, then you have chosen the right platform.

In many cases, regional problems also arise. The lack of signal strength in a particular area might be the cause of the issues.

Consumer complaint India-your helping hand

At Consumer Complaint India, you would come across problem-solvers. We are service and help providers who take up your issues, understand them, and start taking actions on them. If you are coming across any sort of loopholes and not satisfied with your D2H service provider, then we can help you by guiding you.

Team of professionals

Our professional and well-qualified legal consultants would point you in the right direction. Our well-versed team of consultants has solved hundreds of thousands of customer issues in the last few years. You can come up with a broad spectrum of D2H problems, like signal not available most of the time, recharge not successful but money debited from your account, change of plan without any kind of notice to you. Unnatural colors on the screen, paid channels not available, the requirement of changing good transponders, weak signal strength are some other D2H problems.

We are here to raise your concern with the D2H service provider. We follow a certain set of guidelines to fix the issues you have been facing with the company. When you would share your concern with us, we would first analyze it. Our skilled and able professionals would review it and then deliver the right guidance to you. At the first stage, we would send a friendly email to the company raising your issue and the response expected from it. If the company gives a satisfactory response, then the case would be solved and end here only.

Otherwise skipping to the next level where we hit the brand image of the company is recommended. We make the issue public by sharing it on all social media platforms. In case, if this step also goes in vain, then you can ask us to go to the next stage. We can also arrange lawyers for you and take the issue to the consumer court (charges applicable). You can discuss more it by arranging a call with our expert consultants and legal professionals.

Want To Lodge An Online Legal Complaint?

It is very easy. File a complaint against adulterated food by just sending an email at complaint@consumercomplaintindia.com or make a call at 8448220668

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