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Did you buy a refrigerator last month but facing technical problems? Not getting a proper response from the seller or manufacturer? We are here to help you. Consumer Complaint India is an online platform where you can file your home appliances complaints and get the best results.

A customer is the most significant stakeholder of a business. Customer feedback is an important aspect of a successful business. A business should ask for feedback and spend more time with customers to understand their needs and improve. It differentiates a good service provider from the rest. But not all businesses are open to investing that much in their customers all the time. They can’t hear them and satisfy them in all terms. Hence, consumer complaints arise and the number is speedily increasing. There are many ways in which the customer expects after-sale services from their seller. One of the areas which fall under these criteria is home appliances. It is very natural to face certain issues with electronic items.

Consumer Complaint India- Your Panacea
Don’t disturb yourself if you are having a hard time with your newly bought home appliances. We deal with your issues and put our best efforts to make it a fair play for you. Our team of proficient lawyers will stand by you and address your unheard problems. We believe that any sort of technical or mechanical fault in your air conditioner or microwave can be fatal for you. It is needed that you take quick actions after identifying the presence of a fault. Getting defective pieces in the first place is one of the most commonly faced problems. Many people report the issues to the seller and the manufacturer for a replacement, but most of them are in vain.

Voice Your Grievance With Us
Facing any such issue? Don’t fret at all. Our enriched and experienced team of legal practitioners would assist you in raising your voice. Register on the website by entering the required details. You would get a customer number (save it for future references). Use that to log in to the system and access out of the ordinary services.

Our well-qualified and conqueror lawyers are our strength. They are the backbone of our services. You can communicate the entire case to them. They would analyze the case and take action accordingly.

Comprehensive Problem-Solver
Reach out to us for any kind of problems; got a defective piece, no installation services, blocked paid channel, faulty appliances, no service, internet connectivity problem in your LED, and refused replacements.

Round The Clock
If you are in a hurry to get justice, we also carry out our process losing no time. With your adjustment and collaboration, we speed up the process and try to close the case seeing you as a winner. 

Save Your Precious Time
Finding time from your busy schedule to lodge a complaint is hard. Going to court back and forth and the hassle are unwanted. Rely on us and hire our prominent legal consultants. We will serve you and solve your queries.

Want To Lodge An Online Legal Complaint?

It is very easy. File a complaint against adulterated food by just sending an email at complaint@consumercomplaintindia.com or make a call at 8448220668

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