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Insurance has become a part of everyday life. The protection and the financial stability which insurance provides are the two important reasons we go for getting insurance covers. Making a small investment in any kind of short-term or long-term insurance is a big thing for a huge fraction of the population of our country. There are emotions attached to it. But when somebody plays pranks and deceive us on these sensitive issues also, then it becomes intolerable.

Got an insurance cover for your family recently?
You wanted to lead a tension-free life and wished to get security for your family, but in return what you got, deception. Your hard-earned money is now in someone else’s pocket who doesn’t even deserve it. You tried your level best to solve on your own terms but in vain. Want to fight back? Lodge a complaint with Consumer Complaint India. We give a helping hand to the people in trouble. If you think that there is a lapse or negligence on the insurance company’s part, then voice the injustice. Your proposal was not processed as required; you didn’t get the claim you were entitled to. One of the next steps is to file an insurance complaint against the company and get your most deserving amount. We address all the grievances related to life and non-life insurance.

Why people file insurance complaints?
There are many angels associated with insurance companies and policyholders. Violation of faith, a commitment made while selling the policy has not been fulfilled. It is the biggest concern for insurance policyholders. Moreover, the amount of compensation delayed leading to added grievances. Not received your due? The repair work done has been of a poor standard? Automatic renewal of the policies without your notice? Improper explanation of the policies before selling them to you.

If you have been deceived like this, we can help you. If you have tried to solve the complaint yourself and in informal ways, but not happy with the response, you can reach us without having any second thought.

You are in safe hands
We make the process of publishing your formal complaints very simple and effortless. We can bring the thing back to the right track. Our team of highly able and experienced professional consultants is our strength. They have a very high winning ratio and try to close the case quickly without giving any exertion to the customer also.

The team first analyzes the whole case and accordingly make the plans. We first try to resolve the case on our terms and on the basis of mutual understanding. We agree on a certain amount of time and wait for a positive reply. In most cases, the companies agree on that and there is no need to proceed to the next step. If it is needed to further the case, then we have designed our own process. If you want that we fight the case for you, then we have guidelines for that too.

Want To Lodge An Online Legal Complaint?

It is very easy. File a complaint against adulterated food by just sending an email at or make a call at 8448220668

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