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Got to know about the activated caller tune on your number from your friend?

Were you surprised when you come across that your network plan was being changed without any of your notice?

You aren’t alone. There is a huge chunk of people who have the same telecom complaints. Most of the telecom companies do this with their customers. With the rise in the number of telecom customers, the number of complaints has also been rising swiftly.

One of the most common is network issues. Customers reach us with the same issue and complain about the constant interrupting network during their video interviews. If you have also experienced the same and have conveyed your issue with your telecom service provider, and wasted a lot of time on customer calls, then Consumer Complaint India is for you.

Complaint India- Brings You, Justice

We are an online platform solving all types of telecom complaints. Many issues are associated with the telecom industry. The sector is not able to give 100% satisfaction to its clients. We come to the picture then. We have a team of professional consultants who go the extra mile to solve your sim-related and other telecom issues.

We have a well-crafted procedure to fix your complaints. The first step is studying the entire case and finding out the faulty party. Next is trying to resolve the complaint on mutual understanding. We send a friendly email to the company so that everything concludes on good notes. We keep a lot of options in front of them like refunding the money, giving future discounts, redoing a service free of cost and many more. Most of the cases get resolved at this stage only.

In case, the response from the other end is not up to the satisfaction level, then we need to step up on our hierarchy of the process. Next is we hit their brand image and try to bring the issue to the public. The last option is taking the case to the court. There are certain conditions associated.

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Apart from the problems stated above, various other issues are not acknowledged. Payment not credited, wrong recharge/tariff, SIM not activated after following all the steps and techniques. Another thing that annoys most customers comes while porting from one telecom service provider to another. No company takes responsibility and sometimes the balance remains stranded, unusable. Unsuccessful recharge is what we experience the most.

Have an issue?

Reach us.

Register your complaint with us. Make sure you save the complaint number for future usages. We seek the best solutions and take quick action with a sense of urgency. You get our full attention and we try to improve ourselves to serve you with the best.

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It is very easy. File a complaint against adulterated food by just sending an email at or make a call at 8448220668


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