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Do you feel that the real mileage of your car is less than as claimed? What to do in that situation? Do you want to raise the point in front of the company? You can file an automobile complaint with the dealer, lender, or the manufacturer. Many aspects of complaints can be faced by auto users. The case might be that the dealer has attempted ways to obtain extra money from you in any form like fee, trade, or other types of compensation. We have got a huge number of such types of cases in the past. Another important reason related to the complaint category includes some sort of illegal work done by auto companies or dealers.

Also, if you have observed that the auto dealer has committed odometer fraud, or has used false advertisements, then you have the right to take the matter to the next level. A buyer believes the advertisements to decide whether to buy a product, if those are false then it is like masquerading the audience. It should not be allowed; hence you have the right and the power.

If you are not getting the desired and satisfactory results, you can reach us and get your issues resolved without any hassle. Consumer Complaint India is a platform that helps you put the question in front of the involved automobile company with confidence. We address the misrepresentation or deception which you have faced and struggled with. Nothing to worry about that, you will get the best possible advice on this platform.

Analysis Of The Whole Matter
At Consumer Complaint India, we have an expert and well-qualified team of consultants who handle the issue at the initial stages. The time you would reach us, after registering you would be communicating with this team. The team would hear you and analyze the whole thing that happened and which have taken you here. After analyzing, if the team finds you right, will proceed with you.

Sending A Friendly Email
In order to solve the issue, we would first send a friendly email to the other party. It would help to resolve the case at the first stage. We expect a refund or other types of a satisfactory response from the auto dealer or manufacturer along with the justification.

Hitting Brand Image
If the above step doesn’t give any fruitful results, then the next step is to publicize the issue. We would raise the matter in social media and would ask for the compensation.

Even if you are not complacent with the results from the two steps, then you can also take our legal services. You can hire our professional and veteran lawyers to take the case to the court.

Economical Prices
Our outstanding services are available at the most comparative and affordable charges. Our basic charges start at Rs199 only.

Round The Clock
Apart from the other services, our punctuality, and all-time availability make us stand poles apart from the rest.

Want To Lodge An Online Legal Complaint?

It is very easy. File a complaint against adulterated food by just sending an email at or make a call at 8448220668

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