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Mobile And Laptop Complaints

The mobile phone has become an important part of life and for IT persons, the same is with laptops. The number of mobile users has surged exponentially in the last few years in the entire country. The number of companies providing services is also increasing. But the number of grievances related to Mobiles and Laptops is also on a steep hike.

Issues are byproducts of inventions.

Problem 1:
You bought a high-end mobile/laptop with your months-long savings. One day, your overpriced mobile/laptop gets stolen. You reach to the dealer. But unfortunately, you are not heard and your problem is not properly addressed.

Problem 2:
The increased price of the lengthy and fixed-term contracts is eating up your peace. Mid-contract price rises are unfair, but many companies do that. You are not given any prior notice and your mobile service provider has hiked the prices.

Problem 3:
Poor Network Strength can be dangerous sometimes. We use mobile to connect with our loved ones sitting in another continent, but we also face poor network signals which can interrupt an important interview; leaving your dream of getting placed in the MNC stranded.

Lost your mobile? Issues in mobile insurance? Facing a multitude of problems?

No need to shut up and sit back. The times have changed.

Your Panacea

We, at Consumer Complaint India, address grievances and issues regarding your mobile/laptops. As our name signifies, we address consumer concerns and raise the issue with the court.

Experts And Winners

We host a team of experienced and well-versed lawyers at our platform where you can connect with a group of best legal consultants to solve your queries and take concise advice.

Services You Can Enjoy

Top-Level Guidance:

We listen to your problems, the issues you have faced with the manufacturers, dealers, or advertisers; analyze the case and act in the best possible ways.

Tracking Complaints:

Get the status of your complaint sitting at your home. No need to get befuddled and standing in long queues. Just log in to the online portal with the provided credentials and check the current status of your complaint very easily.

Easy to reach:

Consumer Complaint India is an online platform where you can get legal advice and file complaints against mobile complaints and online fraud. Reach us through call or email.

24*7 Connectivity:

Call us anytime. We are available for you round the clock and serve you with the best.

Easy Registration

All you need to do is send an email citing your problem. We will get back to you in a short interval of time with the best solution to your problems.

Talk To Legal Experts:

You can take clear and concise advice with the complaints you have with your mobile phone or laptop. Our legal experts would talk to you and take up your case after analyzing it properly.


Our experts will carry out all the required paperwork for legal purposes.

Fight With Zest:

We understand your problems and take necessary and adequate actions and put our best.

Our services start at just Rs 199/-

Want To Lodge An Online Legal Complaint?

It is very easy. File a complaint against adulterated food by just sending an email at or make a call at 8448220668

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