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File Your Ecommerce Complaint With Consumer Complaint India

Do you see offers giving you a discount of 80-90% on e-commerce platforms? Then most probably you have been invited to a fraud.

With the rise in the popularity and usage of the eCommerce industry, the number of complaints has also reached the next level. Not only the e-commerce platforms have eased our lives and changed the ways we used to shop earlier, but also, they have introduced a host of new problems. In recent times, it has been analyzed that hundreds of thousands of e-commerce complaints are filed every year in India. Yes, the number is huge.

Have you also experienced something like that? 
Many fraudulent websites are actively cheating buyers. They have adopted various misleading activities to trick the customers and throw dust in their eyes. Like sending inappropriate ads and links to shop at cheap rates and get big discounts.

Have you also deceived by e-commerce frauds like asking for card details to avail gift card frauds? Need not to fret out. We, at Consumer Complaint India, do every bit to resolve those issues and give you a sigh of relief.

Consumer Complaint India Will Fight For You.

We are an online platform where you can register your complaints as a customer and we will try our best to resolve them for you at a very affordable price. We have experienced and well-versed lawyers who do the work for you. They critically analyze the situation and take the case to the court to provide you with justice. In case the disputed party disagrees to resolve the case and doesn’t attend the case, then we take it to the next level and file the complaint about you. We are there to handle all the complaint related tasks for you from paperwork to file your complaint in the court. Following all the guidelines and considering all the perspectives, we would deal with everything at our end.

You can reach us through email and phone and know the status of the online shopping complaint.

You Have The Right
Either you not have been delivered the product after you have made the payment, or you have received a damaged product and getting no response from the company, you can fearlessly knock our doors.No refund/ replacement, no delivery, low-quality product delivered? Call us. Consumer Complaint India purveys all services to you. Once you reach us, you can drop off all your worries.

Avoid the hassle and hire us to resolve all your e-commerce complaint issue by sitting at home.

Want To Lodge An Online Legal Complaint?

It is very easy. File a complaint against adulterated food by just sending an email at complaint@consumercomplaintindia.com or make a call at 8448220668

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