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What we do

When we received the consumer complaint from the consumer, we immediately forward his complaint after all the documentation to our concerned team to take immediate action according to the nature of the complaint.

We follow the standard procedure to work on all Consumer complaints.

Initially we forward the soft copy of the notice i.e., e-Notice to the opposite party within 2-3 working days, after completing all the registration process for the complaint with us. And we keep updating the consumer regarding every action taken by us on his compliant.

We give 7-10 days to the opposite party to investigate and resolve the issue from their end, If the opposite party couldn’t solve the issue within the given period, then we will escalate the issues, and we will forward the concern to the higher authority on priority basis.

If we don’t get any response within 7 to 10 working days after the second notice. We will escalate the issue and forward it to our legal team, who prepare all the Legal Drafting and documentation to submit it to District consumer forums, State Commission, or Consumer Court.

Purpose of Drafting

The primary purpose of drafting is: -

  • To provide suitable material.
  • To provide a concise form of data.
  • To provide an easy form of data to the clients this is easier to read.
  • To provide information to both the clients and the court about the issue.

After receiving the documents from the legal team, the Consumer has to post all the evidence in hard copy along with the legal draft to the given address of the court.

There is no need to engage a lawyer, the consumer can himself or through his representative file and represent his complaint.

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